Thursday, July 22, 2010

PM Gillard is to create a Citizens Assembly to forge a national consensus on action on climate change!

Using the Citizen's Jury approach! The format is very similar to the Deliberative Multi-Criteria Evaluation approach that we are using in facilitating decision-making in invasion issues.

The 150 members of the citizens' assembly will be volunteers selected through the census data and electoral rolls by what Ms Gillard will call "an independent authority".

"The role of this Citizens' Assembly will not be to become the final arbiter or judge of consensus, but to provide an indication to the nation of the progress of community consensus and the issues that will need to be addressed in making the transition I have described today to a successful, lower pollution economy," she has said (More).

The process will take 12 months (no wonder the Green does not like it)! I just wish they thought about doing this long long ago...

HT: David Stern.

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