Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blog title change

Two factors triggered the change from "Bioinvasion & Ecoservices" to "Collective decision-making under uncertainty". First, it is (almost) the time to make new year resolutions and I am in the "What's new" mood. Second, I am in the process of summarizing what I have done in the past four years/post-PhD time and thinking about my future research plan because I was invited to submit an application for a tenure position here at CSIRO. This process made me realize that bioinvasion and ecosystem services just happen to be the two fields I did research on, what I am really interested is to explore how to make sensible decisions collectively under uncertainty. In other words, bioinvasion and ecosystem services are just means to the end of smarter decision-making.

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fnkykntr said...

Hey Shuang, good luck with the tenure application and Im liking your new focus. All the best in 2012!