Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to make hard choices -- a philosopher's suggestion

One of my research interests is to help people make better decisions, but in this TED talk Ruth Chang says there is not necessarily a better decision/alternative.  Apart from being better, worse or equal, an alternative could also be "on a par" with another.  The choices are hard because the alternatives on a par are in the same neighborhood of value, in the same league of value, while at the same time being very different in kind of value.

Hard choices are a godsend, because a world full of easy choices only would enslave us to reasons, according to Ruth.  In making hard decisions, she suggests us to put our very selves behind an option and create reasons, instead of drifting and allowing the world to write the story of our lives. 

If you have to toss a coin--create your own rule!

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