Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Honeybee blues

A documentary called Honeybee blues (youtube link) was on SBS last night.  It tells the amazing story of the disappearing honeybees world-wide and how Dr Denis Anderson, my colleague here in CSIRO, fought "Varroa destructor" to save the bees. 

I have known Denis' work for years but I didn't know the larger context of his work.  For instance, I wasn't aware that Australian beekeepers exported bees to the US, because Australia was the only country in the world free of the Varroa mite.  Along with what I gathered when talking to another bee expert and a bee keeper, watching the documentary made me more intrigued by the bees/bee industry/bee keepers' life (they are very Nomadic) and more appreciative of Australian honey, which I enjoy pretty much every day...

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